What Ingredients are in the Best Ethiopian Food?

The best Ethiopian food is just as rich, diverse, and tasty as any other cultural food dishes. For example, the average Ethiopian meal integrates a broad range of ingredients – many of which are native to Africa – to create a meal that is quite like any other you're likely to eat.


For example, much Ethiopian food uses ingredients like collard greens, lentils, various bits of beef, onions, hot pepper, rosemary, split peas, chickpeas, clarified butter, chili peppers, garlic, ginger, cooked greens, and various types of cheese. These ingredients are then combined to make a multitude of dishes.


For example, a dish known as berbere uses a pepper of the same name and mixes it with between 12-15 different ingredients. These ingredients must be dried in the sun to create a vibrant and delicious meal. The combinations of ingredients are endless in the best Ethiopian food and vary based on your taste preferences.

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