The Best Ethiopian Dishes for Beginners

You've heard so much about Ethiopian dishes from friends and family members but have yet to try it out. Thankfully, there are many beginner-friendly meals that you can enjoy. Make sure to invite along somebody who knows Ethiopian food as well to ensure that you get the best foods for your taste needs.


Most beginners start with injera, though this simple bread requires various other foods to maximize its taste. For example, berbere tastes a lot like a mix between Indian curry and Southwestern chili powder, which makes it an excellent choice for those who haven't gotten into Ethiopian food yet.


Other foods, like wat, doro wat, and kitfo provide a myriad of delicious vegetables mixed with fat-free meat and a variety of spices and herbs. So if you live in or near Silver Spring, MD or are merely visiting, you should visit Meleket Restaurant to try some of these delicious Ethiopian dishes.

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