Etiquette Tips for An Ethiopian Restaurant Near Me

Restaurant etiquette is essential and is especially critical at an Ethiopian restaurant near me. These dining areas typically use a different etiquette code that may be slightly different from what you're used to in others. These guidelines include how you should:

  • Eat with your hands – This is the traditional Ethiopian eating method, so don't feel awkward.

  • Share your food – During a meal, you'll share your foods with everyone at the table.

  • Use your right hand – Never eat with your left hand, as this is considered unclean.

  • Wash your hands – Typically, the waiter will bring a basin and pitcher for you to wash before and after.

  • Never shake hands – If waiters offer their wrist, grasp it with your hand but do not shake it.


These simple tips will ensure that you eat at an Ethiopian restaurant near me without making an etiquette mistake. They also teach you a lot of interesting information about African culture.

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