Ever Tried a Habesha Restaurant?

These days, American restaurants have become some of the best and most diverse in the world. By taking on different elements from varying cultures, the country has created many unique options. For example, you could always go to a Habesha restaurant for an Ethiopian eating situation.


At this type of restaurant, you'll get access to a unique eating environment. Most of your dishes will center on a bread known as injera. This bread is eaten two or three times a day in Ethiopia and is used to scoop up various foods, like meat mixes, curries, and much more.


When you're at a Habesha restaurant, you're going to eat with your hands and share your food with everybody at the table. This unique experience is available at Meleket Restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants of this type in Silver Spring, MD, and which provides many unique dishes and a great dining experience.

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