The Best Italian Restaurants Nearby Aren't Always Pizza

When many people think of Italian restaurants, they likely think of pizza. However, the best Italian restaurants nearby often utilize a broad array of different dishes. This makes them a great place to eat if you like a variety of different types of foods, such as:

  • Fettuccine Alfredo paired with baked or fried chicken

  • Spaghetti topped with creamy meat sauce and meatballs

  • Cheesy garlic bread that goes with just about any dish

  • Buttery breadsticks that you can use to soak up sauces

  • Handmade sauces made with the freshest and tastiest ingredients

  • A variety of stuffed meats flavored with a variety of herbs and spices


So if you're looking for the best Italian restaurants nearby in Silver Spring, MD, you should visit us at Meleket Restaurant. We have some of the tastiest food in the area, including various Italian and Ethiopian meals, and will provide you with an excellent place for family fun dining.

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